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BRAND NAME: Tasty Mates

PRODUCT: Vegan Gummy Sweets

CATEGORY: Confectionery



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Best mates Joe and Nick had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve when launching their innovative confectionary brand.


They wanted to have a range of gummy sweets that tasted better than anything else on the market, whilst also helping people who were in need of a friend – so, Tasty Mates was born.


As well as the incredibly strong moral compass that the brand was to have, Nick and Joe had clear goals for the products too; Vegan-friendly, recyclable packaging, all-natural colours and flavours, as low on sugar as possible without compromising on taste, and flavour profiles that were genuinely delicious and well-balanced.


Kitchen Testing
Product development
Cost engineering
Shelf life testing
Sample creation
Production training
HACCP and Risk Assessment
Ingredient procurement
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When we looked at all of the product development targets it was clear that balance was going to be key to achieving a flavour that was not artificial or overpowering, whilst also creating a texture that was both soft and juicy.


After many rounds of development, and trying multiple approaches, we had landed on a base recipe that was the perfect balance of sweetness, sugar content, clean flavour with a soft and juicy texture. We also carried out several rounds of testing with our partner laboratory to ensure that technical aspects such as pH and water activity were on point, allowing for confidence on the shelf life and stability of the end products. From here, the flavours were tweaked and perfected to offer a range of products that meant there was something for everyone:


  • Pear Crumble

  • Salted Caramel

  • Very Berry

  • Peaches & Cream 


In the early stages of the project, we looked at both co-manufacturers and the possibility of in-house production. For a number of reasons it became clear that the best fit for launch would be for the guys to produce everything themselves in-house, meaning they would also have full control over the quality of the products. With this in mind throughout the development process we made sure all procedures were transferable to their desired setup, with the potential for scale-up in the future. We set up training sessions, and due to Covid restrictions were able to carry these sessions out remotely, using video techniques, allowing the guys to refine the techniques and perfect the process in situ.


We’re pleased to see Tasty Mates have such a very successful launch, especially during these challenging times. With big listings with WH Smith and Holland & Barrett for launch, and other retailers interested already, we’re excited to see big things from Tasty Mates in the coming months!

Blueberries & Almonds
24 hour fermented sourdough boule
Chocolate truffles with mint
A mixture of spices
Green & Black's THIN Dark Chocolate
Italian ingredients
Salted caramel chocolate brownies
Madagascan vanilla ice cream
Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate


Alcohol Free
Vegan friendly
All natural flavours and extracts
No artificial Sweeteners


"As a small confectionary start up, we relied heavily on Tastehead for support, guidance and expertise. We came with a number of requirements including making sure the sweets were vegan. Tastehead have been great every step of the way, helping us develop four exceptional tasting gummy sweets and supporting us with a number of other aspects or production including accreditation, testing and commercial kitchen hunting. Great team to work with the whole way through! We look forward to working with them again in the future!"



Joe Woolf, Co-founder Tasty Mates

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