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PRODUCT: Premium non-alcoholic cocktails


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On the brink of fatherhood, Avnish was driven to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and an integral part of this was moderating alcohol consumption.

He approached Tastehead in January 2019 to help refine and commercialise 9 alcohol-free drink concepts that he had created in his kitchen.


As a classic cocktail lover, what was pretty uninspiring to Avnish was the limited choice of sophisticated, non-alcoholic drinks available on the market. Spurred by this shortfall, Avnish embarked on a mission to reinvent the classics with a guilt free twist, visualising a range that is vegan, gluten free, made with all-natural flavours and ingredients and a low sugar content but with one prevailing requirement – they needed to taste amazing!

The Savyll brand was born…

The clear task with this development project was paying absolute justice to their alcoholic counterparts, complete with some of the warmth and kick of alcohol, but without the sweetness of many other alcohol-free cocktails that are typically overloaded with sugars. Avnish challenged us to create the drinks with less than 5g of sugar per 100ml to avoid this very sentiment.


We knew from the start that ‘balance’ was going to be a key focus of this project, across taste, flavours and mouthfeel.

To achieve the optimum results in terms of flavours and taste we also carried out consumer testing on a large scale for to gain valuable quantitive data and a focus group with highly targeted demographic for qualitative data. 


Kitchen Testing
Product development
Cost engineering
Shelf life testing
Sample creation
Targeted Focus Group
Large Scale Consumer Testing
Savyll Gin & Tonic Mocktail
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Alcohol free cocktails ready to serve, meaning no need to think about mixers. Just pour into your favourite vessel and enjoy with a clear conscious and a clear head the next day.


With a launch range comprising of six cocktail classics, a taste for everyone was considered and catered for;


  • Moscow Mule

  • Bellini

  • Gin & Tonic

  • Mojito

  • Old Cuban

  • Spiced Rum and Coke


Avnish stayed true to his pursuit of sophistication with stylish and elegant branding that feels incredibly grown up and aspirational.

Blueberries & Almonds
24 hour fermented sourdough boule
Chocolate truffles with mint
A mixture of spices
Green & Black's THIN Dark Chocolate
Italian ingredients
Salted caramel chocolate brownies
Madagascan vanilla ice cream
Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate


Alcohol Free
Vegan friendly
Low sugar
All natural flavours and extracts
No artificial Sweeteners


“Tastehead have been incredible to work with. From the beginning to the end, they were very eager and supportive of the idea. Tastehead took a welcomed methodical approach to help me analyse the market, conduct competitive benchmarking, and suggested 6 recipes to take further to development. During the development process, Tastehead coordinated several focus groups and market studies for consumers to sample the refined recipes. The feedback collected was used to help establish the market demand and improve the products. Tastehead were very professional, creative, clear, and most importantly, patient with me, as I requested several iterations and adjustments to our recipes over an 8-month period.

I’m very pleased with the results and will look to engage with Tastehead for future development work.”

Avnish Babla
Savyll Beverage Company

Savyll Mojito Cockatil
Savyll Bottle Top and Logo
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