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Welcome to Tastehead's Product Assessment Service, where we redefine the standards of quality and innovation in the food and beverage industry. Leveraging over 50 years of combined experience, our multidisciplinary team offers a unique blend of sensory analysis, food science, and marketing expertise. Whether you're a start-up aiming to make a splash or an established brand looking to refine your offerings, our comprehensive product assessments provide actionable insights to elevate your products to the next level.

Product Assessment - Core Services

  • Our Product Assessment service is designed to offer a 360-degree evaluation of your food or beverage product, combining the disciplines of taste expertise, food science, and marketing.

    The core of our service includes:

    • Packaging Review: Evaluation of your product's packaging for both aesthetics and functionality.
    • Organoleptic Analysis: A sensory evaluation to assess taste, texture, aroma, and appearance.
    • Technical Analysis: Additional tests that could range from nutritional breakdown to shelf-life estimation.
    • Detailed Breakdown and Scoring: Each product is meticulously scored based on various parameters.
    • Development Action Plan: A roadmap for each product, outlining recommended changes.
    • Results Presentation Call: A comprehensive discussion of the findings and next steps.

  • I’m a Return and Refund policy. I’m a great place to let your customers know what to do in case they are dissatisfied with their purchase. Having a straightforward refund or exchange policy is a great way to build trust and reassure your customers that they can buy with confidence.
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